This is my first game I've made, it is for a project tasked as part of my current course and created using Construct 2, the game is unfinished due to time constraints and what is playable is all that got created from my original vision though it may be completed in the future. We were tasked to create an infinite runner set inside the body, my game is about a parasite named Jerry is a parasite specifically evolved to control the mind but he prefers a simple life relaxing watching TV specifically the show “Pinky and the Brain” and not having to care about anything but he does get bored easily, and one day decides to give the whole mind control thing a shot but decides to go big and try at taking over the world just like his favourite character in his favourite show. On his adventure he encounters many obstacles he begrudgingly has to overcome as Terry’s body fights back against his onslaught as well as the many things thriving inside him.

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